Good bye los Angeles see you soon kansas city

Happy mun day


Someone drew this for me and gave it to my sister to give to me at Pacific Media Expo last year.

I finally got it since im home for a few days and I absolutely love it!

I dont know who drew it but I love it so much.


Ax haul


Check out my sisters booth

Live blogging on butterfly-cheesecake begins now. Its time for AX baby

Bless my roommate for this adorable keychain she got me at AFW

Anonymous inquired:
I saw that post you made and I made the mistake of defending the Janoskians bc it seemed like you guys were being a bit too harsh and now my ask is FILLED with death threats and people telling me to kill myself and idk you probably don't care sorry

While I dont personally defend them and think they do not belong at AX. people should not be sending death threats. To all my lovely followers and tumblr users sending death threats is illegal. If you are caught you will get a fine and or jail time.


So bad idea on my part posting that stupid thing on this blog.

anyways for my actual followers of this blog I’m gonna keep anything non related to the blog to a minimum! 

I’m extremely sorry. but AX is coming up which means for Zach stuff I also have a very big surprise im excited to show everyone that is at my house in Cali.shenanigans will happen the OFF fandom will rise like the millennium fire bird

I may also pick up some extra OFF art if I can find some and hold a mini contest for all the OFF blogs anyways expect lost off dumb selfies Day 1 when I’m Zacharie!

Though my con adventure will be blogged on my irl blog butterfly-cheesecake i will reblog all the OFF related things here.

Hella excited to meat a few of the bloggers from tumblr there

Anonymous inquired:
Fuck sake.. I don't want janoskians there. They are fucking obnoxious. They literally shouldn't have a panel. They have nothing to do with cosplay/anime/manga/etc. Their fan base is most likely full of dicks who have no respect for anything just like them. Then they are probably just going to go around and make a video of them being extremely obnoxious at AX.

Ya man I feel you. None the less they have a panel and all I want is everyone to have a safe and fun weekend people have paid a lot of money for this event many of us such as myself are flying in and spending quite a bit of money. Im fairly lucky I should be in line for a panel at that time too bad its right across the way. I know many attendees have anxiety and many other issues where this could possibly be life threatening or just flat out dangerous. I didnt want someone getting caught up in a giant mob scene out of no where. Thankfully people are now informed and that’s all I can do.