Found my line

Wells Fargo had a line just for me.

Once my food is done im heading home and watching markiplier play OFF im so ready for this shit. Hhhhh

I will do a lets play of ANY game as long as I can get it for free and by free I mean its actually free or I can torrent it like the piece of shit I am.

Lets go first game in my inbox and that’s what I will do when im off work

Someone should send me a few questions so I can get fresh asks to get me in the mood of this blog. I still have like 5 hours of work left though.


Greetings from SDCC

I was the swaggiest batter at the con. I may have been the only batter but that is beside the point


Guess who I met?! markiplier

Also he was really sweet and a huge dork. O u o so glad I found his booth the last day.

My best friend and i are dorks and I miss them already.

Had a blast at comic con this year though.

When I was in San Diego for comic con I kept seeing this at restaurants.

Pepper steak intensifies

On saturday at comic con I got to meet this huge cutie theblaqkcat too bad I wasn’t in zacharie at the time but I was still so happy and she made me this awesome picture!!!

Good bye los Angeles see you soon kansas city